Mental Health Care

Psychology Services

Fresh Start psychologists offer a more specialised approach to dealing with problems of addiction. Our psychologists have a comprehensive understanding of behavioural and mental processes and offer a range of techniques to address client issues. Please note that sessions with our psychologists are limited in number, however our counsellors and mental health nurses are able to provide longer term support to individuals and families. 

Mental Health Nurses

Our experienced Mental Health Nurses work with people suffering from various mental health conditions. More specifically, we can help with relapse prevention, suicidal intention and thoughts, managing cravings, goal setting and problem solving, risk assessments and medication management in consultation with our doctors. We also work with patients to develop holistic care plans and to improve self-esteem through education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. 

Fresh Start Recovery Programme offers a free Mental Health Nurse service for eligible patients, funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program. Our mental health nurses are all accredited members of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

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