Our Approach

Fresh Start has a unique approach to helping people with drug and alcohol addictions.

Fresh Start’s approach to helping people with drug and alcohol addictions is sometimes known as the PHREE model:

  • Physiology
  • Housing
  • Relationships
  • Education
  • Employment


Our programs treat the physical cravings of drug addiction. Our follow up and other medical services such as our GP Clinic and Hepatitis C program support the general health of patients.


Many drug users who come to Fresh Start depend on other users for a place to live. Once they start treatment this is not a suitable arrangement. The most suitable type of housing depends on the stage of recovery. We have a number of facilities and can also refer patients to other facilities.


For many clients, rebuilding broken relationships is essential. We offer counselling, which aims to improve self-esteem and enable the client to start to form healthy relationships and rebuild broken relationships.


Patients are offered the chance to engage in activities designed to enable them to live a normal lifestyle within the community. They are encouraged to enrol in TAFE and university courses. Many of the patients also choose to take part in a Christian version of ‘The Twelve Steps’.


The ultimate aim of our program is that our clients will gain employment. Many have Community Service Orders and some do voluntary work which develops their practical skills.