Our Leadership

The Board

G.A.D (Sandy) Clarkson – Chairman

Sandy is an Accountant with a private CPA Accounting Practice. He has worked in the private sector for most of his life with stints in the WA State Government and in Local Government as Councillor and Deputy Mayor of the town of Mosman Park.

He has been associated with Fresh Start Recovery Programme for almost 15 years as a volunteer, Director and Chairman.

Dr George O’Neil

M.B.B.S,F.A.Ch.A.M, F.R.A.N.Z.C.O.G., F.R.O.C.O.G., D.D.U., Cit.W.A.

Dr O’Neil was born in Limerick, Ireland but grew up in Perth, Western Australia. Inspired by the challenges he faced working in remote parts of Australia, Africa and cities such as Glasgow and Perth, in the 1980s Dr. O’Neil began developing new products for use in obstetrics, pain management, malnutrition, catheterisation, drug delivery and addictions. This resulted in the establishment of pharmaceutical company Go Medical Industries Pty Ltd in 1984. Dr. O’Neil has pioneered the use of Naltrexone in Australia for opiate addiction and since 1996 and has concentrated his main efforts on running an addiction treatment clinic in Subiaco, now part of Fresh Start Recovery Programme.

Dr Wendy Lawrance


Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr Lawrance joined the Fresh Start GP team in 2006, and has also worked in the WA State Government Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services since 2012. She has served on the board of AMPRF Ltd since 2009. She has a special interest in hepatitis C treatment and has extensive experience in GP and health professional education on addiction and hepatitis C. She is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University, School of Medical and Health Sciences.