Fresh Start Clinic Covid guidelines – for visitors and patients

Based on WA Government health advice – October 2023

  1. If you have Covid-19, please stay at home until your symptoms have resolved. Manage your symptoms with rest, appropriate pain relief and hydration. This may take up to 10 days or longer.
  2. If you have had close contact* with a person who has Covid-19:
    • you should not visit the Fresh Start GP Clinic for 7 days after contact, even if you are symptom-free.
    • if you require urgent or emergency medical care, you should attend a public hospital. Please wear a mask and contact the hospital before you arrive to advise them of your ‘close contact status’.
    • if you require urgent medical care from a GP, you should call the Fresh Start Clinic to discuss options such as booking a telehealth consultation with your doctor.

*You are a COVID-19 close contact if you spent time with somebody who tested positive for COVID-19 while they were infectious under the following conditions:

  • you live in the same household
  • you are an intimate partner

The infectious period for a person with COVID-19 is taken from 48 hours before their symptoms start or, if they have no symptoms, from 48 hours before a person has a positive test result.