Fresh Start offers detoxification treatment for addictions to opioids, alcohol, amphetamine type substances and benzodiazepines. The treatment is usually offered each Wednesday at our Subiaco location.

Detoxifying from opiates has some unpleasant symptoms including insomnia, restlessness, pain, fatigue and diarrhoea. If someone detoxifies with no medication, the process and its symptoms will last for 3 to 14 days, or even longer, depending on the amount and type of opiate the person has been using.

Fresh Start uses a form of accelerated opiate detox which significantly reduces the withdrawal period. Before the detox procedure is started, patients are given sedatives, pain medication and anti-nausea medication to reduce the detox side effects. The withdrawal is done using small doses of medications that kick the opiates off the opioid receptors. The dose is slowly increased until the desired result is achieved. This process is done under the supervision of highly trained medical staff. After detoxification, patients are prescribed medication to control their cravings.

All patients who undergo detoxification of any type need to be very careful if they choose to start using opiates again. They will find that their bodies have become much more sensitive to opiates so the dose they use should be much lower than before their detox. If you feel that you will not have the willpower to keep taking oral medication and stay clean from opiates, you should come in to the Fresh Start clinic to speak to one of our medical practitioners about a longer term treatment.

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