From 31 January 2022, it is a mandatory requirement for all patients who want to access face to face medical and allied health services to show proof of vaccination (double dosed) AND proof of identification. If patients are unvaccinated or only had one vaccination, they can still access medical and allied health services through tele-health and video-link. Be kind…our staff don’t make the rules. Help us follow the rules and keep WA safe.

Support Group

Fresh Start Community/Recovery Circle

Getting free from drugs offers you a fresh start, but it’s just the first step. Support groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. They provide opportunity for people to share experiences and feelings, and function as a bridge between medical and emotional needs. They provide support and offer motivation to stick to managing through their addiction treatment.

Take this opportunity to change your mindset, expand your community, connect with people who care, share your wisdom, and support others on the journey

A support group for people in recovery, carers and supporters

Come and join our Fresh Start Community groups, a recovery circle where there’s room for everyone.

For more information contact one of our chaplains on 9381 1333.

We look forward to seeing you there!