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2022 ANZ Addiction Conference

CEO Jeff Claughton and Northam General Manager David Gunter are attending the 2022 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference in Queensland this week.

The ANZ Mental Health Association holds this annual event to bring together people working in the addiction space to share practical, evidence-based solutions, lived-experience lessons, and the latest research findings relating to substance use and dependency.

Collaboration with others in the AOD sector is a priority for Fresh Start. Jeff  says these events are an excellent opportunity to learn about new ideas, strategies and treatments on the cutting edge of addiction treatment.

“This has been an informative and helpful conference which I have been able to attend for the past few years and this year have also included David Gunter as a delegate to represent Fresh Start. We were invited to present at this year’s event and David will deliver a paper on the work at Fresh Start Northam” he said.

David’s presentation is on the successful transition from prison to family, employment and education:

David Gunter, General Manager / Principal Practitioner , from Fresh Start Recovery P:rogramme shares insights from the Fresh Start team’s experiences in using trauma-informed support as clients transition from prison to life in the community.

Underpinning the Fresh Start framework is a trauma-informed approach to support, with evidence-based therapeutic groups including ACT and CBT. David’s presentation will explore how prisoners are assessed for suitability and then the development process for comprehensive individual therapeutic care plans.

The Fresh Start approach has delivered a wide range of positive outcomes for clients, with reduced incidence of relapse and lower recidivism. This success is ultimately delivered through the development of a long-term approach to proactive healing and restoring relationships with self, family and the community, along with scaffolded support to navigate life outside prison. Importantly, mechanisms are in place to support those clients who return to prison to enable them to re-enter the program upon release.

More information is on the conference website