Fresh Start


Fresh Start is a not-for-profit addiction and substance use disorder recovery program that utilizes holistic, science and evidence-based treatment that is affordable and accessible to all.

The PHREE Model

Our approach to helping people with addiction and substance use disorders is based on a model of recovery that emphasises the importance of evidence-base medical intervention, stable accommodation, strong, healthy relationships and empowerment to prepare people to reintegrate into the community.

Physiology, Housing, Relationships, Empowerment and Exit. All of which we provide and support our clients with.

Fresh Start Clinic

The entry point for all patients and clients for Fresh Start.

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Fresh Start Psychology

Mental Health support for patients and their families during recovery.

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Fresh Start Lodge

Short-term accommodation for detoxification support and pre-intake to Northam residential recovery.

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Fresh Start Northam

Residential recovery, a 26-week program for men in recovery.

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Fresh Start Metro

Shared housing for re-integration into the workforce and community.

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Fresh Start Foundation

The administration, governance and organisational centre that aligns all Fresh Start Services.

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