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Fresh Start Psychology

Welcome to Fresh Start Psychology; providing mental health professionals who are available to assist Fresh Start patients, clients and immediate family members.

Located in Subiaco, Fresh Start Psychology services are a vital part establishing good mental health and supporting you in making positive changes for successful recovery. All eligible patients are given a mental health care plan to access counselling and psychology services.

These services are available bulk-billed or free of charge to all current and past Fresh Start patients and their immediate family. We have a team of dedicated Mental Health professionals who can help educate, empower and rebuild relationships and confidence for a future free from the effects of addiction and substance use disorders.

Our Psychologists

The Fresh Start psychologists offer a specialised approach to dealing with a range of psychological problems including addiction through having a comprehensive understanding of behavioural and mental processes and offering a range of techniques to address client issues.

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Our Counsellors

Alcohol and other drug use can adversely affect relationships, health, work, mental state and other areas of functioning, our counselling service helps people address their substance use and the impact it may be having on their lives.

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Our Chaplains

Fresh Start chaplains are available to provide general emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families regardless of their religious background or beliefs.

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Our Group Sessions

Support groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. They provide opportunity for people to share experiences and feelings, and function as a bridge between medical and emotional needs. These groups provide a place free from judgement and an opportunity to grow, support and help each other.

Some group sessions are available to the general public.

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65 Townshend Rd Subiaco, 6008

Phone: (08) 9381 1333

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Email: info@freshstart.org.au

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

For afterhours services you may contact after hours services such as lifeline WA, 13 Yarn or find another provider by clicking here.
In the case of an emergency call 000 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.