From 31 January 2022, it is a mandatory requirement for all patients who want to access face to face medical and allied health services to show proof of vaccination (double dosed) AND proof of identification. If patients are unvaccinated or only had one vaccination, they can still access medical and allied health services through tele-health and video-link. Be kind…our staff don’t make the rules. Help us follow the rules and keep WA safe.

About Us

Fresh Start is an addiction treatment centre in Perth, Western Australia.

Fresh Start grew out of a commitment to help drug users and their families recover from drug dependence here in Perth, Western Australia. Fresh Start concentrates on detox and developing a drug-free lifestyle.

Fresh Start’s founder Dr. George O’Neil performed his first drug addiction treatment in 1997. Dr. O’Neil was motivated to help the community with its addiction problems while working as an obstetrician. He would deliver babies to mothers addicted to heroin and see their babies born with the addiction who subsequently suffer through withdrawals in the nursery. The final event that hardened resolve and spurred him into action was when a patient asked him to help her husband with his drug addiction problems so that their family could be happy together.

While initially starting with just one private patient more and more patients were arriving after hearing about Dr. O’Neil through word of mouth. As demand for the treatment grew Dr O’Neil set up a clinic which eventually grew into the Fresh Start of today. Now with the Subiaco clinic, Northam Recovery Centre, and recovery houses spread through the metro area Fresh Start has grown into a comprehensive treatment program in Perth with Christian values and a dedication to treat anyone in need.

Our approach to helping people with addictions is based on a model of recovery that emphasises the importance of evidence-based medical intervention, strong relationships, a stable home life, and empowering people to take up a responsible role in their community. Our approach to helping people with addictions is known as the PHREE model. Physiology, Housing, Relationships, Empowerment, and Exit.

Through our unique and comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment we have helped over 14,000 people and their families out of the vicious cycle of addiction.