Your donation will support Fresh Start’s mission and provide the essential services to help those in need.

Our Mission

By supporting the recovery of an adult with addiction or substance use disorder you are helping to reduce family breakdowns, adolescent exposure to substance use, babies born with addiction, hospitalisations, drug related violent crime and provide freedom from addiction and substance use disorders for individuals and their family.
We know substance use disorders are treatable illnesses and that with help, people can overcome their addiction, restore relationships, become productive and contributing members of society and live happy and fulfilled lives.

Please consider a monthly donation.

How your Donations Help

All donations, big or small support us in the work we do in the community.

  • $5

    $5 a month
    provides a person with essential resources and information on how and where to get help.

  • $10

    $10 a month
    provides support groups for communities, families and individuals to start their recovery journey.

  • $20

    $20 a month
    provides the personal hygiene and sanitary products for a person each month.

  • $50

    $50 a month
    provides food for someone in our residential recovery program each month.

  • $100

    $100 a month
    provides counselling and mental health support for someone in recovery each month.

  • $500

    $500 a month
    provides a person with accommodation during detoxification.

Frequency: Please consider a monthly donation to provide continuous support aligning with our value of continuous care.

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