From 31 January 2022, it is a mandatory requirement for all patients who want to access face to face medical and allied health services to show proof of vaccination (double dosed) AND proof of identification. If patients are unvaccinated or only had one vaccination, they can still access medical and allied health services through tele-health and video-link. Be kind…our staff don’t make the rules. Help us follow the rules and keep WA safe.

Addiction recovery has life-changing benefits – physical health

Addiction places a heavy burden on physical health, particularly when there are pre-existing medical conditions.  The effects can vary from person to person, depending on their underlying health, substance of use, strength and size of dose, combination of substances and length of time of usage.

The impact of addiction primarily affects the respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and neurological systems. People who chronically use alcohol and other drugs have a weakened or suppressed immune system which makes them susceptible to infections and less able to recover.

Our Clinic staff commonly see patients with conditions either caused by or exacerbated by misuse of alcohol or other drugs, including:


Pulmonary edema, pneumonia, infections such as bronchitis.


High and low blood pressure, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, collapsed veins, bacterial infections and blood clots.


Malnutrition, constipation, nausea, reflux, anaemia, ulcers,  dehydration, pancreatitis, cirrhosis and hepatitis C.


Seizures, impaired motor skills, drowsiness, fatigue, confusion, depression, anxiety, paranoia and aggression.

Once in recovery and abstaining from alcohol and drugs, our patients begin to experience the positive benefits of the process. Their physical health improves and medical issues that have been undiagnosed or untreated, often for years, are managed by our medical staff.

Addiction impacts all areas of life and a significant improvement in physical health has positive flow-on effects including increased energy, restful sleep and better digestion and appetite. The human body starts to physically heal after substance use stops and with regular positive lifestyle choices, it is possible to lead a healthy life after recovery.