The team of chaplains at Fresh Start Recovery Programme, is made up of both paid and volunteer staff. They spend their time in one on one meetings with clients, as well as their friends and families. They also run community support groups. The Fresh Start Community Group runs on Tuesdays from 10.00 am until noon at the Earth-Wise Building situated at 317 Bagot Road Subiaco. Anyone is welcome to attend.

The chaplains offer pastoral care through attentive listening and encouraging individuals onwards in their recovery. The chaplains facilitate a number of open groups in various locations where individuals are encouraged to share their stories on the full range of being human; that is an emotional, physical, rational, sometimes irrational, and spiritual being.

Chaplains have met face to face with over three hundred clients in the past year. We seek to be accepting of all whilst upholding the mission and purpose of Fresh Start.

We provide a space for those struggling with addiction to start afresh through medical intervention, an opportunity to regain integrity and good standing in Society, and to gain an awareness of their great irreplaceable value. As chaplains we move around the many locations within Fresh Start, as in the clinic and rehabilitation centres in Northam, the houses around Perth, and groups meeting at different venues.

We see our vocation as a great privilege to share with others in rich times of both sorrow and joy