Fundraising Campaign Update

We have now reached 41% of our $100,000 target!

Fresh Start Recovery Programme was founded by Dr George O’Neil in 1997 and has continued its ministry of helping families with addictions without interruption until now. We have helped over 12,400 people in that time. Each month Fresh Start typically assists more than 50 patients with drug and alcohol detox and relapse prevention treatment at its licensed Day Hospital in Subiaco. The Clinic also operates to provide GP, Addiction Medicine, Psychiatric, Counselling and other support to hundreds of patients each month.

Fresh Start usually has 40 to 50 people in its short- term accommodation in metro area houses and its long-term rehabilitation program based in Northam. We are committed to caring for people who wish to recover from addiction to alcohol and other drugs and change the whole of their life. This is often a long-term commitment to work together over the ensuing months and years to change life-long habits and address housing needs, broken relationships, criminal justice issues, outstanding fines, training and education to return to work.

Fresh Start has always maintained a commitment to work without waiting lists and without turning people away who can’t pay for their treatment. This requires a workforce of more than 70 full-time and part-time employees, together with 80 volunteers.

We receive support from the WA State Government of $2.7million or 40% of our total costs of $6.7million. We have to raise the balance of $4million required to provide services from patients and residents and through various social enterprises. In addition, donations from supporters provide $700,000 or 10% of our budget each year.

This year our donor support is well below budget and we are appealing for support to keep the doors open. Please help us to continue to help families with addiction with your Tax Deductible gift which can be made by clicking here.

If you would prefer to donate by phone or by EFT to our account please call the Clinic on 93811333 for details.


Kind regards,

Jeff Claughton CEO