At the heart of Fresh Start, Judy the Manager of Volunteer services, has been a beacon of hope and kindness. After 13.5 years of unwavering dedication, Judy is retiring and leaving behind a legacy of compassion and inspiration.

At Fresh Start, a place dedicated to helping people battling addiction, Judy found not just a workplace, but a family united by the shared mission of helping others. She cherished every moment working with a dedicated team of volunteers and staff members.

Throughout her time at Fresh Start, Judy witnessed numerous heart-warming moments, one of which was the profound love between a father and son “I remember seeing a father who was looking very uncomfortable at being in a drug treatment facility, he was wrapping a white blanket around his son’s shoulders and rubbing his back. The son looked like a lovely man, as did the father and the unspoken emotions between them were just so powerful, I had to leave the room to shed a few tears.”


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Working at Fresh Start taught Judy the value of being non-judgmental and kind to all. Recognising that addiction knows no boundaries and affects people from all walks of life, it was important to Judy to create an environment where individuals felt safe to embark on their journeys to recovery.


For Judy, the most rewarding aspect of her role was building relationships with the volunteers and witnessing their dedication over the years.
Through her work, she not only made friends, but became part of a community united by the desire to make a positive impact.

As Judy embarks on her well-deserved retirement, she looks forward to continuing personal growth, spending quality time with her beloved dog, and indulging in her passion for reading.

Reflecting on her journey, Judy’s advice to her younger self, clients, and colleagues alike is, “Stay true to your values, be truthful, and never compromise your integrity.” Her heartfelt advice to clients emphasizes the importance of finding genuine motivation for recovery,

“Never lose hope that you can overcome addiction, and be serious about wanting to change your life. Do it for your own happiness and success.

And lastly, her words to colleagues and volunteers to remind them of the significance of self-care and kindness,

“Be kind and take care of yourself; it is not an easy area to work in. Take breaks and do something you love regularly.”

Judy, your dedication and kindness have touched the lives of many, and your legacy at Fresh Start will never be forgotten. As you step into this new chapter of life, may you find fulfillment and joy in every endeavour. Thank you for being a beacon of hope at Fresh Start and an inspiration to us all.

We wish you all the happiness in the world.

National Volunteer Week morning tea organised by Judy for her volunteer team.