When Alcohol Becomes a Problem

Many of us tend to overindulge during the Christmas and new year season. The abundance of social situations, or conversely, increased feelings of loneliness and isolation, can lead to higher alcohol consumption. For most, alcohol use will return to manageable levels but for those people who find their consumption is becoming problematic, it is important to seek professional help as early as possible. Alcohol misuse differs from illicit or prescription drug misuse in that it is legally and widely available and a socially acceptable activity. It is common for people not to recognise they have an alcohol addiction problem when they are surrounded by others who drink, sometimes heavily, with no apparent consequences. Often, a family member, loved one, or work colleague is the first to become concerned with the person’s drinking levels and behaviour.alcohol consumption at christmas

If you, or a loved one, feel your alcohol use is increasing or is impacting your life, Fresh Start can help you.

The Fresh Start approach to alcohol addiction treats the whole person. Both medical and psychological assessment and treatment play a vital part in recovery and an individualised approach is essential to address each patient’s unique needs and challenges.

Read about alcohol dependence and the harm it causes here. If you are unsure if you have a problem,  take this quick questionnaire to help you assess if you need our help.