David’s Story

David Tarrant- Banks

My name is David and before Fresh Start came into my life, I had been using drugs for twenty long years.

I always thought it wasn’t a big problem until the last two years when my daughter was taken off me and placed with a foster family. It was then that I started using drugs harder and more frequently than I ever had before. I was using marijuana and methamphetamine several times every day.

My sister, who I have been close to all of my life was so close to cutting me off completely because of my drug use but instead, she reached out to Fresh Start and organized to fly me over to Perth for treatment. At that stage I had been awake on a drug bender for three weeks and was completely out of it whilst my sister and I travelled from Queensland to Melbourne and then from there to Perth. When I arrived, I had no idea I was even in Perth, I still believed I was in Melbourne because I was so burnt out from the drugs.

From there my sister and I attended the clinic in Subiaco. I was treated that very day and relocated shortly after to the therapeutic community in Northam. Fresh Start helped me with my recovery until I was well enough to begin working again for The Hill Catering Company that that is run by Fresh Start Northam Recovery Program. Getting back into a kitchen and working again was perfect for me as I think a lot and having a busy work schedule helped to keep me focused and committed to my recovery.

As I am writing this, I am a graduate of the Fresh Start Recovery Program and I am exactly one year clean. I can thank the program for having faith in me that I would make it this far. My relationship with my sister has been saved and I frequently go on leave to see my children. I have beaten this addiction and I owe this to my family, my friends, my own inner strength and of course the Northam Recovery Program.