Fresh Start Family Centre – Busselton

We are seeking your donations so that we can get the first stage of our Fresh Start Busselton Family Camp Site open.

The first $150,000 in donations will help us open up the initial accommodation on the site.

Fresh Start Recovery - Family Centre

Our dream is to improve the care of families with addictions around the world. This site is allocated to helping damaged families reunite by facilitating meetings on the Beach in one of the most beautiful settings that one can imagine.

Fresh start has worked with Universities in Australia, USA (ref 1, 2) and Europe as well as manufacturing groups to help improve the delivery of new medical treatments that facilitate the recovery of the opioid and GABAA systems that are damaged by stress or addiction.

Fresh Start has close to 13,000 families under its care here in Australia. It provides care with no waiting lists at its Subiaco site at 65 Townshend Road Subiaco. Here patients are detoxed off their, opioids (Ref 1, 2) amphetamines, alcohol (ref 4)  cannabis (ref 5) or benzodiazepines every Wednesday. Many or most of our patients present with poly drug use Ref (6). Patients then move to their family or to one of fresh start properties for support. These include locations at 9 separate locations that deliver immediate care or care and rehabilitation in a supported setting.

The dream of Busselton Family Recovery Center.

We at Fresh Start have developed the best detox and recovery methods from the stress induced illness of dependence on opioids, amphetamines, alcohol, cannabis and benzodiazepines. Once recovered the recovering person realises that their disease has damaged relationships with their parents, siblings or children. Full recovery can not occur without being reunited with their family, their employers, their community and as well as this their relationship with themselves and their faith.

What better place could one find than a holiday for the whole family on one of the most beautiful beaches on earth. It is too difficult for families to invite these people home in early recovery but meeting at a holiday location like this Ref ( 7 ) will lift their spirits.

We hope that you can donate to make this a site where many families are reunited as they complete the spiritual and family recovery of their loved ones.

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Ref 1 Use of new West Australian treatments in New York ref 1 & 2.

Ref 2

Ref 3 Recovery from amphetamine abuse

Ref 4 Recovery from alcohol

Story one a young woman

Story two a young man.

Ref 5 Recovery from cannabis

Ref 6 Recovery from poly drug abuse

Ref 7 A look at the Busselton campsite at is current stage of development.