Benefits of addiction recovery

Addiction affects many areas of your life

Physical health
Mental health
Family and relationships
Finances and employment
Friends and community

Benefits of addiction recovery

Improved physical health

  • Better sleep and increased energy
  • Improvement in appetite, healthier eating
  • Return to healthy weight
  • Improved immunity
  • Improvement or elimination of other medical conditions

Improved mental health

  • Improved mood, confidence, self-esteem and motivation
  • Clearer thinking, better decision-making
  • Easier to set and work towards your goals
  • Opportunity for clearer diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions
  • Ability to address past trauma

Improved relationships

  • Repair relationships and reconnect with family and others
  • Be a great example to your children
  • Form new positive relationships
  • Try new activities or get back to old favourites

Improved finances

  • More money available for things that matter
  • Get back to work or access government benefits
  • Learn to budget, plan and get control of your spending

Friends and community

  • Form new positive friendships outside of drugs or alcohol
  • Attend support groups and meet others in similar circumstances
  • Join community activities such as sports, church, gym or pursue a hobby