Help Wanted: Busselton Family Reunification Centre

Busselton Family Reunification Centre – Helping families with addictions

A recovering person realises that their disease has damaged relationships with their parents, their siblings, or their children. Full recovery cannot occur without being reunited with their family, their employers, and their community, as well as their relationship with themselves and their faith.

What better place for a holiday for the whole family could one find than one of the most beautiful beaches on earth ? It is too difficult for families to invite these people home in early recovery, but meeting at a holiday location like this will lift their spirits.






It is now more than three years since this project started to make accommodation available on the beach in Busselton. Hundreds have joined in with donations of time and money. We hope to have permission to have workers assisting on the building program living at the site very soon. This will facilitate progress on the finishing touches of the accommodation and the meeting hall. God willing, some church or counselling meetings can start in the hall within the next three to six months.

Earlier this year eight men were working at the site for the concrete pour and in other roles. Three of these eight workers had lost their young adult sons in the last two years to addiction, and one had a son in intensive care related to drug abuse.

Thank you to all who have responded with donations to make this a place where many families are reunited as they complete the spiritual and family recovery of their loved ones. Those who would like to contribute building skills, materials, or funds can call our clinic on 08 9381 1333 or email info@freshstart.org.au. To donate to the Busselton Project please click on  Donate and mention Busselton in your payment description.