Fresh Start has a team of chaplains who, upon request, provide Chaplaincy and spiritual care for patients and their families.

Fresh Start chaplains are available to provide general support to patients and their families regardless of their religious background or beliefs.

They are also happy to provide Christian teaching, prayer and spiritual care. There are weekly support groups for Fresh Start patients and one-to-one appointments are available on request.

Our rehabilitation program uses a Christian version of ‘The Twelve Steps’ in conjunction with The Life Recovery Bible.

Our Chaplains

Chaplain Maria Porter

She has been involved in Prison Ministry for the past 6 years. She loves to come alongside people from all walks of life and create a non-judgemental space to grow and explore life together. Maria and her husband Mike enjoy spending time with their two adult daughters.

Superpower: Teaching photography


Chaplain Shannon Rose

Shannon has been happily married to Stella for 25 years. He has 3 adult children, two girls and one boy.  He has been in the building industry for 30 years and has recently started donating one day a week as a chaplain for Fresh Start. He has a passion for helping men reach their full potential and has been heavily involved in Christian men’s ministry for the past decade.

Superpower: Renovating houses


Chaplain Bill Taylor

Bill has 5 children and 12 grandchildren. He played Aussie Rules for Claremont in his youth. Bill has spent many years in overseas ministry in various capacities, including working as a headmaster and high school teacher in Papa New Guinea, and training local leaders in remote villages in Africa. His passion is to see people know Christ and grow in Him. Bill has a sincere heart for the downtrodden.

Superpower: Tinkering and fixing things


Chaplain Juliet Richardson

Juliet is married to Mike and they share 11 children and 11 grandchildren. She has been at Fresh Start for 14 years and feels highly privileged to support people struggling with addiction and life issues in general. She believes God loves them all and seeks to be a listening ear, to encourage and give hope

Superpower: Certified snake catcher


Chaplain Kevin-Neil Ward

Kevin-Neil was a church minister before working at Fresh Start. He loves group facilitation for creating powerful change space. He believes that good interactions (deep, honest, an owning of our weakness and strengths) with people contributes towards growth and healing. Kevin-Neil is married to Kathleen and has four children.

Superpower: Balancing on a OneWheel