Tackling the stigma of addiction

Fresh Start is working to change the negative perception of addiction in the community.

“Nobody chooses a life of addiction. I am yet to meet one person who decided to start using drugs or drinking alcohol, knowing they’d become an addict. The biggest barrier for these people to overcome when seeking help is the shame that society places on them” said CEO Jeff Claughton.

People with addictions not only feel shamed by society, but they commonly internalise this shame when confronted with negative stereotypes.  The public perception of addiction is very narrow and very negative. The assumption that addiction is linked with crime and is a result of a moral deficit or character weakness is something Fresh Start hopes to change.

“We know there are people in the community struggling with addiction to alcohol and other drugs that are too ashamed to seek help. At Fresh Start, addiction is treated medically and psychologically and every client is treated with respect. I urge anyone who feels they may have a problem with their alcohol or drug use to contact us. We help every person who comes to us for help, regardless of their circumstances or background” said Jeff.

Fresh Start clients are very diverse and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. They are welcomed and treated in a non-judgemental environment by professional staff who support them through their journey of recovery which for many is an ongoing challenge.

Fresh Start sees addiction as a medical issue, not a moral issue.

You can contact us on 9381 1333, through our online form, via email info@freshstart.org.au or through our Facebook page