Thank You Bible Society

Earlier this year, the Bible Society, through their Chaplain and Parachurch Grant Program, provided our Fresh Start Chaplains with a grant for the purchase of 88 Life Recovery Bibles. These Bibles are being used within regular group meetings at both the Northam Recovery Program as well as in the Subiaco Chaplain support groups.

The Life Recovery Bible incorporates aspects of the 12-step Recovery Program with Scripture so that readers are encouraged to “move from wherever [they] are to a place closer to God… a unique tool that brings Twelve Step recovery back to its original source – God’s Word”.

Feedback from some of our residents…

  • The footnotes are very interesting and relatable.
  • I haven’t really had much to do with the Bible since school (20 years ago). I’m finding it good to be reintroduced to it. The footnotes are helpful to understand the story and how the verses relate to me.
  • It’s good how the footnotes are relatable back to one’s addiction.
  • The Life Recovery Bible is exceptional. We use them in our morning Bible study and group that is run by one of our volunteer Chaplains. Thank you so much for your help in bring[ing] people to faith.
  • I find them quite interesting and insightful.